Night Vision Head Mounted Binocular DN20001

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* Compact and delicate, Light weight 

* Skillful design and high-quality image tube

* Large field of view, high definition, no distortion,

Night Vision Head Mounted Binocular DN20001 details


DN20001 is high-performance military head mounted night vision binocular with low-light night vision technology, gen2+  and gen3+ for choice, with characteristics of super large field of view, high definition, no distortion, light weight, high strength, which is the ideal choice for military night equipment.

Technical Specs:

Structural ModeArbitrary turn it over
Rollover DetectionAutomatically detect and power off when turning up
Battery typeLithium battery (cr123x1) / cr23x4 external battery box
Power supply2.6-4.2V
InstallationHead mounted(standard American helmet interface)
Control modeON/IR/AUTO
Over power consumption<0.1W
Battery capacity800-3200maH
Battery life40-100H
Parallelism of optical axis<0.1 °
Lens systemF1.18 22.5mm
Optical distortion3% Max
Relative Illumination>75%
CoatingMultilayer broadband coating
Range of focus250mm-∞
Focus modeManual focus facility
Distance of pupil30
Eyepiece aperture0 (+ / - 5 optional)
Range of visibilityArbitrary continuous adjustable
Eye spacing adjustment50-80mm
Eye distance adjustment range850nm 20mW
Operating temperature-40--+55ºC
Relative humidity5%-95%
Environment ratingIP65/IP67
Dimensions115x105x85 115x178x58
Weight560G(no battery)

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