Night Vision Binocular DN20002

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* Light-Weight with high strength 

* Skillful design and high-quality image tube 

* Great optical system with good light transmission

Night Vision Binocular DN20002 details


    DN20002 multifunctional binocular is a new product based on the latest ophotoelectrics technology. It uses high-performance GEN2+/GEN3+ image intensifier. It has the characteristics of excellent performance, small size, light weight, clear imaging, simple operation and high performance-price ratio. The magnification can be changed by replacing the objective lens (or connecting the multiplier lens). The product can be connected with digital cameras, cameras and video cameras.
     Then, with gun sight card, the gun can be hung up or used alone. The night vision instrument has built-in infrared auxiliary light source and automatic strong light protection system. This product has strong practicability and can be applied to military observation, frontier and coastal defense reconnaissance, public security surveillance, evidence collection, customs smuggling, etc. in the night without lighting. It is an ideal equipment for public security departments, armed police forces, special police forces, and guard patrols.

Technical Specs: 

Resulution (lp/mm)45-64
Photocathode typeS25
S/N db12-20
Luminous sensitivity450-550
MTTF hours10000
FOV deg40°
Detection distance220-280M
Diopter (deg)+5/-5
Lens systemF1.2, 25.8mm
Range of focus(m)0.25--∞
Power supply(v)2.0-4.2V
Battery type(v)13v CR123 Alithium Battery

Battery life(hrs)

80(w/o IR)
40(w IR)
Operating temperature(°C)-50/+60
Environmental ratingIP66

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